Boris Johnson sacked

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Boris Johnson sacked
14 November 2004
Boris Johnson, the MP for Henley, has been sacked from the Tory front bench after claims about his private life.
A party spokesman said leader Michael Howard sacked him over the phone after learning that Sunday newspapers were carrying new stories about him.
Mr Johnson, 40, who is also editor of the Spectator, was shadow arts minister for the party.

private lifeというのはユーフェミズムの一種で,男女関係のこと。どーやら自分が編集長を務める雑誌,Spectatorの女性コラムニストと関係があったのなかったのという話のようです。それについて党首に正直に言わなかった,と。

んなことでbeen sacked from the Tory front bench(保守党の要職を解かれる)というほど,保守党はきれいではないはずなんですが。メイジャーだって「サルモネラ」発言の女性官僚とaffairがあったわけだしね。前党首のIDSもわけわかんないこと(妻が秘書給与を受け取っていたが実際秘書だったらしい)で退くことになりましたが。ううむ。




Special relationship or one-way street?
By Boris Johnson
(Filed: 11/11/2004)
Can someone just remind me about this Special Relationship business. I know it's very wonderful and important, and I know the whole country will be sitting on the edge of their sofas and dabbing their eyes, as they watch Dubya and Tony make their glistering-toothed expressions of fiefdom and fealty in Washington today.
But can someone explain, just one more time, what we get out of it? Here we are, giving our blood and treasure in support of an entirely US-inspired plan to conquer Iraq. We send the Black Watch. We lose British lives. We earn the barely veiled scorn of much of the world, for seeming to be the poodles of Uncle Sam.
I am not suggesting that any of these things are dishonourable things to do. It just seems to be give, give, give, this Special Relationship. And that is why, if Tony Blair is casting around for something he might ask by way of requital for his devotion, I have a suggestion. It is that the Americans should stop treating this country like a vassal state, whose citizens can be whisked off for trial - without any evidence as to their crime - in the territory of the imperial power.
Because that is how things are at the moment, under the Extradition Treaty that David Blunkett signed with America in 2003. ...

# 文章うまい……。

Analysis: Johnson's fate was sealed

Guardian, Leader
↑文体模写までして,明らかにはしゃぎすぎである。まるで荒らしのコメント。"Alas, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (even his name is interesting) is not going to become Tory leader in the foreseeable future." とかさぁ,やめときなさいって感じ。

One of the fundamental problems the country has with politicians is that the men in charge often appear to be lying, which riles the many people ignorant of a politician's task. Such sentiment lowers the support and thus the credibility of the people running the country. With Boris, this simply isn't a problem. No one is equipped with the vocabulary to understand exactly what the man has said, therefore it's impossible to even speculate whether what he said was true or not.


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